daily life clock

The daily life clock does not indicate time by number and hands. Instead, the figures of a grandmother, a grandchild and a dog
represent hours, minutes and seconds respectively, which are allocated by its speed. The figures move through the scenes of
our daily life and the nature which are arranged around the clock to indicate hours.

For example, when the grandmother sit on a bench beside that big tree, you can see that it is about 7 o¡¯clock by assuming that
she would take a rest on a bench looking at the sunset around this time. The same scene repeats everyday just like our daily life.
The daily life clock simply suggests the monotonyof our daily life but it also implies our aspiration for a simple life as in the daily life clock.

grandmother, grandchild and dog represent hour, minute and second hands respectively

the time represented by this scene is 11:57:04 am / pm

the time presented by this scene is 6:42:32 am / pm

The daily life clock will keep traveling around the world to bring you beautiful scenes of
a daily life in every corner of the world.